Read Scotland 2014

I’ve never visited Scotland, and it’s most unlikely that I’ll get there in 2014 (though I sure would like to).  However, I can visit through books, right?

Peggy Ann of Peggy Ann’s Post is hosting a Read Scotland 2014 challenge.  The requirements are delightfully broad: to read and review Scottish books – any genre, any form – written by a Scottish author (by birth or immigration) or about or set in Scotland.

I’m in, for “Just a Keek” – i.e. the lowest level, 1-4 books  (the levels go up to 13+ books).  Right now I have no idea of what I’ll read towards this challenge, so researching some authors and reading others’ reviews will be part of the fun!


3 thoughts on “Read Scotland 2014

  1. I am not going to participate in the Scotland challenge because I don’t do well with challenges. I get too stressed about challenges.

    I do love books set in Scotland. If I would participate, though, I would choose the lowest level as you chose. 🙂

    I have read two books I really like. They were The Island House by Posie Graeme Evans and Angel Harp by Michael Phillips.

    I am stopping by from Peggy Ann’s list of people participating. You have a nice blog.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

    • Yes, there’s no point in joining a challenge if it causes stress! I may have joined too many this year, I’m not sure that I’ll complete them all. But never mind. With this challenge you can choose to read just one book that fits the criteria, and you’re there!

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