Mission Log, Star Date 11-1-95

Book: Mission Log, Star Date 11-1-1995 – Memoirs of an LDS Missionary Straight from Guatemala, by Derek Jackson

Genre: Memoir

Where I got it: Free Kindle Download

Briefly, it’s: the account of two years the author spent as a Mormon missionary in Guatemala, 1995-1997

What I liked: Learning about a young American’s take on Guatemala, and on what it means to be a Mormon missionary.

What I didn’t like so much: There wasn’t enough in it about what it means to be a Mormon (missionary or otherwise) – a familiarity with the LDS doctrines and practice is taken for granted.  There is also not much spirituality of depth in evidence.  Overall, it’s a little on the naive and earnest side.

Anything else: Is that “Star Date” in the title meant to be “Start Date”?  Because the journal does start on that date – and there’s no other reference to a “star date”.

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