#3. Mommy Had a Little Flask (A. K. Turner)

Book: Mommy Had a Little Flask  , by A. K. Turner

Genre: Humorous Essays / non-fiction (a “momoir”)

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 224 pages

Briefly, it’s a very funny collection of inter-related essays by a mom of two girls, aged five and three, about her life, her family, and a three-month vacation spent with her in-laws in Mexico.  The author is a columnist and radio broadcaster in Boise, Idaho.

Comments: I had a day off, completely to myself, and planned a long walk in the park.  But the weather was terrible, so I stayed in… and read this whole book in one morning.  It’s ages since I’ve given myself permission to do something like that, and I loved it!  According to Amazon, the book is 224 pages long, but it felt much shorter.  I guess that’s because I enjoyed it so much.  I’m glad I broke my own “no more free Kindle downloads till I clear my backlog” rule to pick up this one last week!

Challenges: (1) Full House challenge, for the category “Free or bought very cheaply”; (2) Ebook Reading Challenge; (3) Non-fiction 2014.

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