#11. On My Chest (Adoni Patrikios)

Book: On My Chest, by Adoni Patrikios

Genre: Fiction

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 208 pages

Briefly: an English football team struggling at the bottom of the League and in danger of relegation, hires a woman as new team manager.  This is the story of how it works out for her, and for the team.

Comments: This is a great story idea – but gah!  The book turns out to be so PATRONISING – ultimately, women are baby machines, and football is for guys, right?  It’s written from the perspective of a sports journalist, and I suspect that the author may actually be one, because he writes descriptions of games that are very credible.  But as for the rest of it… a waste of reading time.  (Don’t start me on the grammar…)

Challenges: Ebook reading challenge.


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