#20. Road Tripping in America (Lisa McNamara and Paul Olson)

Book: Road Tripping in America: Short Stories from a Long Road Trip, by Lisa McNamara and Paul Oulsen

Genre: Travel

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 162 pages

Briefly, it’s extracts from a blog kept by a couple who left their corporate jobs, sold their apartment, and toured around (western) USA in a Toyota Sienna for a year.

Comments: The authors, from the outset, declare themselves cynical about the “business” that generates from road-tripping, especially the blogging, the book, the self-advertisement.  So their blog posts / book chapters are sometimes a bit cynical, and sometimes left me feeling a bit cynical.  Not always, though.

A lot is left out in this short book, particularly details of how they made decisions about where to go next, or when to move on.  It’s really just a selection of incidents, snapshots more than a movie.

Two things struck me: first, it must put huge strain on any relationship to live in such close quarters for a prolonged period of time, with nowhere else to go.  And second, I read a lot of travel books and so I really should read the classic On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

Challenges: Ebook reading challenge 2014; non-fiction reading challenge 2014.


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