Adding it up: My Reading in March

Month: Mar 2014

Books completed this month: 7 (4 ebooks, 2 library books, 1 pdf download)
Books completed year to date: 20 (13 ebooks; 3 hard copy; 2 audio; 1 part hard copy, part ebook; 1 pdf download)

Abandoned this month: 1 short story – too graphically violent
Abandoned year to date: 2 books; 1 short story

Short stories completed this month: 5
Short stories completed year to date: 14

Best reads this month: The Spinning Heart (Donal Ryan); A Darker Domain (Val McDermid)

Completed this month for the various challenges:
Reading round Munster – 1 (Total year to date 5/6 – runs from Nov 2013 to Sept 2014)
Full House Challenge – 2 (Total year to date 10/25)
Back to the Classics – 0 (Total year to date 2/10-and-a-movie)
Read Scotland – 1 (Total year to date 2/1-4)
Africa Reading Challenge – 1 (Total year to date 1/5)
Deal Me In [Short stories]: 5 (Total year to date 14/52)
Non-Fiction: 4 (Total year to date 7/6-10)
I Love Library Books: 2 (Total year to date 2/3)
Audio Books: 0 (Total year to date 2/1-5)
Ebooks: 4 (Total year to date 13/25)

Comments: This is the end of the first quarter!  My overall total is much higher than I expected at the start of the year.  And I’m over 25% for all my challenges except Back to the Classics and the Africa Reading challenges, which are running just a little behind.  No need for drastic action yet, though I do hope to finish two for Back to the Classics in April.


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