#21. To St Petersburg With Love

Book: To St Petersburg With Love, by Mel Cormican

Genre: Travel

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 181 pages

Briefly, it’s an account of a cycling trip from Southend, England, to St Petersburg, Russia, and back, in 40 days, in July and August of 2012.

Comments: The author is an Irishman living in England.  He wasn’t a regular long-distance cyclist, by any means.  The book is interesting and kept me reading to the end, but I was often frustrated at his lack of preparation (he didn’t have the right maps, didn’t ever test his bike with the full weight of what he would be carrying on his trip, didn’t know in advance when he would need a prior booking for his bike on a train, didn’t know what currencies are used in some of the countries he visited, agreed to do a long, intense trip with someone he hardly knew, didn’t make arrangements with his bank for a possible need of an overdraft, etc), lack of knowledge of his bike (didn’t know that changing the height of the saddle might help the pain and stiffness he was experiencing), and of nutrition (well, perhaps he knew, but he kept eating rubbish food), and I wondered why people sponsor someone like this, for charity?  But it’s not uninteresting, and the ending is sweet.

Challenges: Non-fiction challenge 2014, ebook reading challenge 2014.


One thought on “#21. To St Petersburg With Love

  1. Thank you for reviewing my book. I really appreciate it. To clarify a misunderstanding you may have got. We had discussed getting sponsorship but on a point of principal, I didn’t want any sponsorship to cover the costs of the journey, so we both agreed to do it entirely out of our own pockets. The reason being i wanted every penny raised to go the the charities.

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