#22. The Glimpses of the Moon (Edith Wharton)

Book: The Glimpses of the Moon, by Edith Wharton

Genre: Fiction

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 304 pages

Briefly, it’s a romance, set in 1920’s high society.

Comments: I read a review of this book on Karen’s Books and Chocolate blog, and loved the sound of it.  When I set about finding a copy, behold, it’s available free for Kindle on amazon.com – no more incentive needed!  I enjoyed it even more than I had anticipated.  At one level the plot is rather implausible – would a couple really make the kind of deal that Susy and Nick did, to sponge off their friends for as long as possible after their marriage, and then to consider themselves free to divorce if something better came along for either of them?  Yet also very realistically portrayed.  Much of the narrative is an account of what’s going on in the heads of Susy and Nick, in a way that makes their evolving positions on marriage, and on their relationship to each other, very credible.  At the end I was really turning the pages fast, to find out what I knew must happen, but yet didn’t seem about to happen… A great read!  

Challenges: Full House Reading Challenge (for the category “Review persuaded you to read it”); 2014 ebook reading challenge.


2 thoughts on “#22. The Glimpses of the Moon (Edith Wharton)

    • Cathy, sorry to have ignored your comment for so long, I’ve been away from book-blogging for a bit. This was my first Edith Wharton book, but I certainly intend to read more. Hope you enjoy Ethan Frome and the Wharton challenge!

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