#24. A Year in Tuscany (Barbara Athanassiadis)

Book: A Year in Tuscany, by Barbara Athanassiadis

Genre: Memoir, not quite travel-style

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 178 pages

Briefly, it’s an account by a Greek artist of a year she spent in Tuscany, Italy.

Comments: Initially I was a bit put off because the section “Book Reviews of A Year in Tuscany“, which is at the beginning, is way too long (my Kindle was showing 6% and I still hadn’t got to the actual text of the memoir), and some of them are not in great English.  But it got better.  The author is an artist and has an excellent knowledge of Renaissance art, as well as of Florentine history, which makes the book really interesting.  This is not a regular guide book, it is about the daily details of living – as a foreigner – in this part of Italy.  She gives us portraits of the local people with whom she interacted, not sparing us their foibles.  She describes the magnificent Tuscan scenery and the exploratory journeys she undertook in a borrowed VW Beetle.  Her personal reasons for taking this year away from her husband and family are touched on but not laboured, which is tasteful.  I couldn’t help wondering what the local people thought of their year-long Greek guest?

Challenges: Non-fiction challenge; ebook reading challenge.


2 thoughts on “#24. A Year in Tuscany (Barbara Athanassiadis)

  1. Hopped over from the Nonfiction Reading Challenge.

    I’ve been aware of this book for a long time, but I’m not sure I ever realized that it was so much about Renaissanc art — that makes it more appealing.

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