Adding It Up: My Reading in May

Month: May 2014

Books completed this month: 6 (4 ebooks; 1 hard copy; 1 pdf download).
Books completed year to date: 28 (19 ebooks; 4 hard copy; 2 audio; 1 part hard copy, part ebook; 2 pdf download)

Abandoned this month: nothing
Abandoned year to date: 2 books; 1 short story

Short stories completed this month: 5
Short stories completed year to date: 20

Best read this month: ArteMetroRoma, more of a browsing book than a read, but quite captivating, about the modern mosaics which can be seen at some of Rome’s underground stations.

Completed this month for the various challenges:
Reading round Munster – 0 (Total year to date 5/6 – runs from Nov 2013 to Sept 2014)
Full House Challenge – 2 (Total year to date 13/25)
Back to the Classics – 0 (Total year to date 2/10-and-a-movie)
Read Scotland – 0 (Total year to date 2/1-4)
Africa Reading Challenge – 0 (Total year to date 1/5)
Deal Me In [Short stories]: 5 (Total year to date 20/52)
Non-Fiction: 5 (Total year to date 13/16-20)
I Love Library Books: 1 (Total year to date 3/6)
Audio Books: 0 (Total year to date 2/1-5)
Ebooks: 4 (Total year to date 19/25)

Comments: I still have a bit of catching up to do to get back on track towards my goals, but I’m glad that the break in my stride in late April and early May has not had disastrous consequences!


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