2014 challenges, at the half-way mark

So, how’s it going?

Some good, some not so good, one definitely doubtful.

My favourite challenge is also, unsurprisingly, the one in which I’m making most progress, the Full House Challenge.  14 out of 25 books completed = 56%, and I’ve begun at least two others.

For the Deal Me In short story challenge I’m a just a little behind, 24 books out of 52 completed = 46%.  Blogging about each story is not strictly speaking part of the rules, but I feel that if I don’t do that I’m not going to keep in the challenge at all.  If I can read and review two stories per week instead of one over the next month, I’ll be back on track.

The Back to the Classics challenge is not going well.  I thought I’d really like this one, but I’ve only completed two books out of a total of ten-and-a-movie, 18%.  Perhaps with careful planning I’ll be able to get back on track here, but I can see it being a rush at the end of the year… Let’s keep working towards it.

Read Scotland: I signed up for 1-4 books, so technically I’ve achieved my goal by reading two books.  But I’ve got a couple more on my list, hopefully I’ll get to them.

The Africa Challenge also has a low target, 5 books.  As yet I’ve only completed one (20%), but two others are well in hand and I think I’ll be able to make this one by the end of the year.

For my personal Reading round Munster challenge, I need to read one more book by the end of September.  I know the particular book I want to read, and need to order it (secondhand paperback) soon.  I’ve read 5 out of 6, = 83% completed.

I’ve read 3 out of 6 books for the I Love Library Books challenge, exactly 50% so I’m right on target there.

Audio books is another one where I can say, technically, that I’ve achieved my goal, because my goal was 1-5 books and I’ve listened to 2.  Audio books just don’t work well with my lifestyle, so I may leave it at that.

That leaves two other challenges where I’m doing well: The Non-Fiction reading challenge (13 out of 16-20, i.e. over 80%) and Ebook reading challenge (19 out of 25, i.e. 76%)  I know I’ll be tempted to go up to higher levels of challenge in both of those, but perhaps I need to focus on catching up in some other areas first.

Overall, I reckon I’ve read (and blogged) about 57% of my target reading for the combined challenges.  So my goals remain achievable, but I will need to be strategic in my choices!


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