#31. Going Upside Down (Elise Williams)

Book: Going Upside Down, by Elise Williams

Genre: “A contemporary travel/romance novel”

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 347 pages

Briefly, it’s about a British student who accompanies her parents to Australia for a cousin’s wedding, and then stays on to backpack around for a few months.  As it says, it’s a cross between a travel book and a light romance.

Comments: I think I may have missed the word “novel” when I downloaded this as a freebie.  I was expecting a real-life account of a backpacker’s experience in Australia.  No doubt the book is based on some real life experience, but for me the family back-story was a little too far-fetched to take seriously.  Nevertheless I enjoyed this as a holiday read – whilst shaking my head in middle-aged fashion at the superficiality of youth :).

Challenges: Ebook reading challenge.


NB: the eagle-eyed reader will notice that my book reviews skip from #29 to #31.  That’s because #30 was a book which I reviewed for a work-related professional journal, so will not be mentioning it on this blog.  But it counts towards my annual reading statistics.


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