Deal Me In mid-year survey

Dale, aka Bibliophilopolis, the host of the Deal Me In short story reading challenge, has asked participants to respond to a mid-year survey.  I’m a bit late, but here are my replies.  I also posted them in the comments section on his own blog.

Mid-Year Survey:

1. Do you have a favorite story or author so far? – Two stand out: The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty, and Mme Zitta Mendès, a Last Image, by Alaa Al Aswany. I bought a novel by Al Aswany based on my impression of his writing from this story.

2. What is your major “discovery” from DMI this year? Either from the posts of fellow participants or from your own story roster – or both. My first short story of the year was by Ursula K. LeGuin, and I discovered that not all fantasy/science fiction is bad!

3. Would you participate in the challenge again in 2015? At this stage, I’m just not sure – I would participate again some time in the future, but not necessarily as soon as next year.

4. Do you think a weekly wrap-up post is necessary? Would you prefer a monthly wrap-up?  Whatever works for you! I’m happy either way.

5. Do you have any good ideas for suit “themes” to share for others who might try the challenge again? I haven’t gone with themes at all, so I haven’t any suggestions.

6. Have you gotten much of a response from other readers of your blog (other than fellow DMI’ers I mean)? No, but my blog is really only for my own enjoyment and to help me deepen my reflection a bit. I’m not doing it for the same of interaction with others, unlike a lot of other bloggers.

7. Can you recommend any good resources (on line or otherwise) for those looking to populate their DMI roster? Two online resources I’m using are and .

8. Does DMI rate favorably in comparison with other book blogging challenges in which you’ve participated? Why or why not? It compares very well, because you [Jay] keep really on top of things and we all know what’s going on in all quarters! Some hosts just set up the challenge and don’t “re-appear” again until almost the end of the year. That’s fine too, I’m not complaining, but the level of your personal involvement and commitment is very encouraging.

9. What is/are your favorite part/parts about The Deal Me In challenge? The randomness of the selection of what story to read next, and the fun way of doing it with cards.

10. Conversely, what do you NOT like about the challenge or what would you change about it?  Sometimes I don’t like “having to” blog about my reading every week, but in fact that’s self-imposed and I know I probably wouldn’t read as well if I didn’t blog about every story. Not that my blogs are anything brilliant, but they do prevent me from merely skimming a story (so easy with some shorts) and calling it “reading”.

11. Feel free to add any other general comments. A big thank you to Jay!

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