#42. Something Bad Happen, Please! (Tom and Hedy Valledolmo)

Book: Something Bad Happen, Please! The fine art of turning life’s little glitches into a bounty of riches, by Tom and Hedy Valledolmo

Genre and Year of Publication: hard to categorize – Self-help? Travel? How to be a Jerk? Published 2014

Where I got it: Free Kindle download (read in August; reviewed in October)

Length: 142 pages

Briefly, it’s about how to claim compensation for anything that goes wrong on your travels.

Comments: When I downloaded the book, I thought that the subtitle meant “interior riches”, that the book is about having a positive attitude and finding happiness in situations of adversity.  How wrong I was!  It’s about getting every possible penny, or something else material, in compensation from every possible mishap.  The authors must be the customers from hell.  Hotels, restaurants, airlines… watch out, because if the slightest thing is not altogether to their liking and pleasure, they’ll screw you for it.

I really don’t know how anyone could go through life with this attitude and be happy.

Challenges: ebook reading challenge; non-fiction challenge


2 thoughts on “#42. Something Bad Happen, Please! (Tom and Hedy Valledolmo)

  1. Hopping over from the Nonfiction Challenge…. (still)

    I agree with you. I would lose all my pleasure in travel if I were waiting to pounce on every little, or even big, thing that went wrong. On our last trip, our hired car & driver got in an accident. I would have only made things worse if I’d got all demanding about my rights. Instead, I chose to make things as pleasant as possible for every one involved and it was one of the more interesting experiences of my trip. I didn’t walk away with more cash — I walked away with more happiness and great stories.

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