#49. Pam of Babylon (Suzanne Jenkins)

Book: Pam of Babylon, by Suzanne Jenkins

Genre and Year of Publication: Contemporary fiction, 2004

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 334 pages

Briefly, it’s what happens when a man dies suddenly and his widow discovers that he’s been having an affair – and more.

Comments: Ach, no.  The plot line that I’ve indicated is indeed a theme that could be well explored in fiction.  How does a woman come to forgive the mistress of her dead husband and even develop a friendship with her?  But here is it all too slick, too easy.  Add in all the other revelations that come tumbling out about this deceased creep – all in the space of a few weeks, mind you – and Pam’s acceptance of them all, and it just becomes too unrealistic. 

NB: There is some “mature content” which may not be acceptable to more squeamish readers.

Challenges: ebook reading challenge 2014



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