Adding it up: My Reading in August and September

Month: August and September 2014; being added up in early November 2014.

Books completed in these 2 months:

August 5 (4 ebooks; 1 paperback bought secondhand)
September 4 (4 ebooks)
Books completed year to date: 47 (34 ebooks; 8 hard copy; 2 audio; 1 part hard copy, part ebook; 2 pdf download)

Abandoned: nothing
Abandoned year to date: 2 books; 1 short story

Short stories completed these 2 months: 0
Short stories completed year to date: 26

Best read:  Leadership is Hell: How to Manage Well – And Escape with your Soul (Rob Ashgar)

Completed for the various challenges:
Reading round Munster – 0, but for a category already completed (Total year to date 5 + 1/6 – challenge extended to Dec 2014)
Full House Challenge – 4 (Total year to date 20/25)
Back to the Classics – 0 (Total year to date 2/10-and-a-movie)
Read Scotland – 0 (Total year to date 2/1-4)
Africa Reading Challenge – 0 (Total year to date 2/5)
Deal Me In [Short stories]: 0 (Total year to date 26/52)
Non-Fiction: 5 (Total year to date 21/16-20)
I Love Library Books: 0 (Total year to date 3/6)
Audio Books: 0 (Total year to date 2/1-5)
Ebooks: 8 (Total year to date 34/25)
[Non-challenge books: 1 (Total year to date, 1)]

Comments: Definitely not a great two months, not only in quantity but also in quality.  But things are improving!


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