Short Story #34. An Unexpected Death (Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa)

Deal Me In Reading Challenge: I drew the seven of clubs.

Story: An Unexpected Death, by Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa [translated from the Portuguese; in The Granta Book of the African Short Story]

Comments: There is more than one unexpected death in this story, two of them accidental, and one from a heart attack.  The storyline weaves from one person to another, showing how these events are interrelated because of their effects on various other people, though separate in time.  The point of view constantly changes, so that at times I felt as if I was sliding around trying to keep my balance on an icy surface.  The story ends with a detailed description of the mangled head of a man who has been crushed by a lift.  I found it grotesque and unnecessary.  I’m not sure what the writer hoped to achieve?  If his intent was to invoke revulsion, it certainly worked in my case.


One thought on “Short Story #34. An Unexpected Death (Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa)

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