Reading Round Ireland: Personal Goal

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that I’d like to read a book by an author from every one of the 32 counties in Ireland, so I’m making it into a personal goal for myself.  It won’t be time-limited, because that’s how I set myself up for failure and feel bad, instead of feeling good about all I have read.  (Though perhaps I will set myself a target of five years… say to the end of 2018.  Wow, sounds ages away!)

I’ll make a page where I’ll list my books, and I’ll focus on Munster to begin with.  I’ve got Molly Keane’s Good Behaviour on order, and yesterday I picked up Edna O’Brien’s House of Splendid Isolation in a second-hand bookshop.  They’re good for Waterford and Clare respectively.

Dec, edited to add: I’ve made “Reading Round Munster” into a mini- personal challenge, with the goal of reading six books – one for each county – by the end of September 2014.   See the list on my Reading Round Ireland page.