#4. Soul Murder (Andrew Nugent)

Book: Soul Murder, by Andrew Nugent

Genre: Murder mystery

Where I got it: Kindle download (bought)

Length: 357 pages

Briefly, it’s a murder mystery set in a boarding school for boys in Ireland, the third book by Nugent to feature police investigators Denis Lennon and Molly Power.  The author is a Benedictine monk.

Comments: This book is simply brilliant.  I couldn’t put it down – even when I was supposed to be working, and there was the possibility that my boss was going to step into the office.  Nugent is a monk in a monastery which runs a boarding school for boys (Glenstal Abbey), so he really knows the psyche of both boys and teachers very well.  He portrays both boys and teachers convincingly and sympathetically.  Dark subjects are treated with sensitivity and realism.  I read Nugent’s first book, The Four Courts Murder, a number of years ago, and wasn’t terribly impressed, but this is superb.  

Challenges: (1) Reading Round Munster, for Limerick (Andrew Nugent lives at Glenstal Abbey, in that county); (2) Full House challenge for the category “Best read so far in 2014”; (3) Ebook challenge.