#17. Rainbow Diary: A Journey in the New South Africa (John Malathronas)

Book: Rainbow Diary: A Journey in the New South Africa, by John Malathronas

Genre: Travel

Where I got it: Free Kindle download

Length: 362 pages

Briefly, it’s a “chronicle… (of) a journey in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.”

Comments: Behind the author’s lightness of style (I wondered at first if it would be all just an account of nightclubs, doing drugs, and gay pickups) there is a wealth of material about the history, geography, politics and social reality of South Africa in this book.  I was often reminded of my first introduction to the various South African states through a childhood stamp-collecting album, where I came across the names such as Transvaal, Orange Free State, and Rhodesia.  What a tragic history.  What a long, long way the people of South Africa have to go.  More than ever I want to read a good biography of F. W. de Klerk.

Challenges: Ebook reading challenge; Non-fiction challenge